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Business owners face many complicated issues throughout the entire lifecycle of a business. From choosing an entity and obtaining permits to dealing with contractual issues and alleged violations, business owners can benefit from the help of an experienced attorney.

At William C. Dufour & Associates, businesses in Texas receive sound legal advice and hands-on representation from a knowledgeable Austin attorney for state and federal alcohol licensing and various state permitting.

At William C. Dufour & Associates, your lawyer will do the work and travel throughout the state to meet with you and personally answer your questions. Call 888-581-8762 to schedule your free initial consultation.

More Than 30 Years of Experience

Attorney William C. Dufour is a former TABC prosecutor and assistant attorney general in the Tax Division of the Texas Attorney General’s Office, where he represented the TABC in a number of issues. The Law Office of William C. Dufour provides full-service representation to our clients, handling everything from business formation and obtaining a liquor license to protecting their interests in administrative and criminal matters. To learn more about the firm’s areas of practice, see the following:

In addition to the practice areas above, the firm is available to assist business clients in Central Texas and beyond with issues such as beer franchise laws, marketing practices and miscellaneous state permitting.

Due to the firm’s outstanding representation and personal service, clients often turn to them for issues that are not TABC related. The firm can assist their clients with issues such as contract litigation, business transactions and other business law cases.

TABC Licensing Attorney

As you focus on doing what it takes to run a successful business and deliver to your customers, you can rely on the Law Office of William C. Dufour to handle your licensing and legal issues. Contact the firm today to schedule a free initial consultation with William Dufour for liquor law, licensing and business law.