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The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC) has the power to issue liquor licenses to bars, restaurants, liquor stores, hotels and other businesses, but they also have the power to take licenses away, leaving the ability of a business to continue on and prosper hanging in the balance. In addition to administrative actions against the business, TABC has the authority to bring criminal charges for TABC code violations in the Texas criminal courts.

If you are facing allegations of code violations, criminal charges or the loss of your license, it is in your interest to speak to an experienced lawyer about your case. Call 888-581-8762 to schedule a free initial consultation with Law Office of William C. Dufour.

Austin, Texas, Liquor Law Attorney

Attorney William C. Dufour brings more than 30 years of experience to these cases. His experience includes everything from obtaining licenses for businesses in Texas and across the globe to defending those businesses in court against allegations of TABC code violations or criminal wrongdoing related to their liquor licenses.

The TABC can issue a broad range of violations, many of which are issued to business owners with good intentions who have no idea they are violating any TABC codes. Violations can include serving alcohol to an intoxicated person, serving alcohol to a minor, subterfuge, failure to report a breach of the peace and unlawful marketing practices.

Not only do these violations place business owners in jeopardy of losing their licenses and permits, defending them can be expensive. William C. Dufour works directly with his clients, using his skills and knowledge to resolve these issues as quickly as possible, allowing them to reduce their legal costs and continue focusing on running their business.

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